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Code of Ethics

When you buy a toy for your child, you want to buy one that is able to relate to your child’s dreams and fantasies associated with the toy or character. In this respect, no other company in the world does it better than Disney.

Disney’s characters create a world of magical dreams for kids of all ages. Imagine this, your child watches Lightning McQueen win the Piston Cup and the next time he is driving a “make believe” car he is imagining himself as Lightning McQueen, swerving a corner at high speed, doing unbelievable over-taking manoeuvres and winning the piston cup. 

And your child’s imagination grows from there to the t-shirt of Lightning McQueen that he or she wears or even wearing a pair of Cars shoes.

Character-relevant toys will invoke a child’s imagination and confidence. And because Disney has such an imprint in the lives of children of all ages, they have invested heavily in research and development to ensure that their toys that carry their name are of exceptional quality; thus, their toys are normally more expensive in the market.

Disney goes the extra mile to ensure that the factories that manufacture their toys adhere to proper labour rights; the products are manufactured in hygienic manners; and the products are safe for children to use.

Disney conducts extensive consumer research - to get up close and personal with parents and children to create products that are trendy and relevant in today’s times.

Shopotherwise invested a great amount of time, effort and resources to find the best manufacturers for our range of Disney toys; and they are audited by Disney according to their highest standards and best practices.

Our goal is to provide you with an outstanding online shopping experience backed with a 90 days money back guarantee (MBG). 

The longest MBG in retail industry so far is 21 days from Toys R Us; but, with original packaging and receipt. Now this is pretty absurd. I have seen many cases where it's a genuine refund by the shopper; however, it was rejected because the shopper did not keep the original packaging.

Here’s our assurance  – Shopotherwise will honour refunds within 90 days as long as the products are bought from us, with or without original packaging. 

Shopping with is easy and convenient. Just browse through our online catalogue, select the toys of your choice, make payment and your purchase will be delivered to your home.

And should you be unhappy with the toys for whatever reasons, we have a 90 day Money Back Guarantee, and cost of returning the product will be on us, so it’s risk free for you. 


All our toys are obtained directly from the manufacturers, minus the middlemen. We pass the savings to our clients.  This means clients buy the toys at wholesale prices. This distribution system allows us to offer toys at much more affordable prices compared to the traditional toy stores and hypermarkets.


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