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The Inspiration

The Specialist in Kids Bicycle, Scooter And Toys In Malaysia

The spark which started the flame for this online store was Donald’s very own experience buying toys such as kids bike or scooter for his children. He experienced many frustrations while shopping for children’s toys such as the lack of variety in toy stores in Malaysia, over-pricing, health & safety issues due to improper storage and mishandling, as well as poor (even lack of) after-sales service.

On numerous occasions, he was annoyed with retailers’ one-sided (often the industry standard) return policy requiring him to return the products not only with original receipts, but reassembled back into its original packaging before any refund is given.

When he discovered there were manufacturer’s defects in the products after 21 days, there was no refund given; as this happens to be the longest period in the return policy according to the general industry standard.

Eventually, he discovered that many parents also shared similar shopping frustrations. 

Being an entrepreneur with a passion for toys, Donald has first-hand industry insights into the flaws of the toy distribution system to retailers and hypermarkets. Donald decided to create a solution to the frustrations parents is facing buying toys for their children in Malaysia throught Internet,

Hence, was founded with the purpose to offer parents a wide variety of character-related toys at wholesale prices, delivered to your doorstep backed with outstanding after-sales service. He wants to go one step further by honouring any product returns with a full refund even if the returned products are not in their original packaging; and shoppers have up to 90 days to do so.

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