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Up-close and Personal with Our Founder

Donald Ng, named after his favourite Disney character, has always adored the colourful cartoon characters and the stories behind them. Emulating Donald Duck’s tenacity and perseverance, he has turned his childhood dreams and fantasies into a real life business. So, Donald is testament that dreams do come true.

With the intention to be a positive influence to children with toys, Donald founded Through tedious research, he discovered the frustrations many parents experienced in sourcing for quality licenced toys. So, he introduced a series of Disney wheeled products for kids which are colourful, attractive, safe and reliable.

The products include a wide range of bicycles, tricycles and push trolley bikes for children ranging from two to nine years. There are also plans to offer other character products for teenagers and adults in the future. Through, Donald hopes to create an alternative shopping channel and pleasant shopping experience for parents and toy enthusiasts to find quality toys at affordable prices and to provide excellent after-sales service too. 

Turning his childhood passion into his dream career, Donald believes that every child should be given the opportunity to experience the joy of playing and growing up with their favourite character toy. Besides focusing on his business, Donald is also a dadpreneur who enjoys spending time with his wife and children as well as a keen practitioner of Aikido.


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